#COLChat Twitter Chat


I joined a group called Culture of Learning Chat. The first time I tried joining the chat I was lost and confused because so many people were posting there opinions and reactions that I could not understand how to incorporate myself. The second time I understood that I had to load a program call “TweetChat” to follow the conversation which made it easier to follow. This chat begins every Monday from 9-10 so I was prepared the second time to begin the chat but this time to give feedback. At first I took time to read the questions and the responses that others made so I could see how others answered the questions. I began by introducing myself and what I studied, then I was off answering the first question, the second, and the third until the chat came to an conclusion. I found myself unaware of how quickly time had gone by because of how interested I was to hear what others felt. I used what we discussed in class about the use of twitter in classrooms as well as Google documents and had a few feed backs. Many thought it was a good idea to start off with Google docs and drive in classrooms as a way to have technology in the classroom without being overwhelming. I was excited when I received responses and when other members of the chat favored my post. The next time I join the chat I would like to as well give responses to others ideas either disagreeing or agreeing with them. 


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