21st Classroom


When asked what is a “21st century classroom”? My immediate thought was a classroom filled with computers, ipads, and students using their cell phones. Time waits for no one. Why wait to make a change in a classroom? Technology is being used left and right, students in elementary school are being taught how to type, use Microsoft products, and how to find valid resources. If we can teach children how to use a computer to write research papers and find online resources then why can’t we use technology to teach students math, reading, writing, history, and science? That question has been answered in a few classrooms but not all. Technology can be used in numerous ways. It could be substituted such as having worksheets/textbooks online, it could be used to get outside opinions about an essay/topic through the use of blogging, twitter, or Facebook, and it could be used to communicate with students in the classroom through Google Documents on Google Drive. If unsure where you may lie in the use of technology the Webb’s DOK and the SAMR model was created to see if teachers are challenging their students as well as if technology being utilized to its full potential. With these models they indicate if you are teaching above or below the line. The Webb’s DOK specifically tests the teacher if there students work contains critical thinking about the work that has been taught through four different levels, one being recall the work that has been taught, level two being the skills and concepts learned, level three being strategic thinking and level four being extensive thinking. Not all lessons being taught will be at a level four but long term projects should contain some expectation of having a level four. The SAMR model is divided into two categories Enhancement which lies below the line and Transformation above the line. Enhancement is divided into substitution and augmentation of technology and Transformation divided into Modification and Redefinition. Getting above the line in the SAMR model at time gets difficult because at that level the teacher must find a way that his/her work can only been done using a computer and is shared with a professional outside the classroom depending on the topic of the assignment. Most teachers stay below the line because it is easier to substitute and modify a lesson then to create something new. I fear teachers are afraid to try different technology because of the little time teachers have with their students. I believe that the teacher should use what the students use daily which is twitter to get involve with educational chats to gain insights about a specific topic they are doing or a problem they are having in class by doing this the student is using critical thinking and  modification with their work. Since technology is continuously advancing teachers should evolve with the advances of technology with their student and leave the 20th century’s methods of teaching in our past.


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