What Do You Want to Be When You Grow UP


Ken Robinson talks about how schools kills creativity. He says that as children grow up they fear being wrong yet being wrong brings out the creativity in children, so if children fear doing wrong they fear to attempt and once they fear to attempt they would not try to expand themselves. Every education system has the same learning bases starting with math, language, and humanities, as those subject are mandatory yet at the bottom are art, dance and drama he says “yet we all have bodies”. Robinson stated “Public education only winner is to produce universal professors that only live in their heads but slightly to one side they look at their body as a way to transport their mind”. The educational system was not existent since the 19 century and many were force to look the other way on careers that involved art, dancing, singing. Those who are highly talented and creative were not looked at because they were denied their opportunity because they weren’t good enough at school or were not recognized. Robinson stated that intelligence is academic diversity, visual, abstract, dynamic creativity, distinct. He talks about a famous dancer where her teachers believed she had a learning disability because she could not stay still and they told her family member that she does not have a learning disability but she is a dancer while others would force pills to calm her down her parents took her to a dancing school where she found that she is not alone. At the end of the video Robinson said “its our job is help them make something of it”. I believe fully of what Robinson is stating about education and how control it is. How schools can easily take away art, cooking and music from high schools and middle schools. Yet during those times periods is where children try to find their interest in life, what they enjoy doing, and maybe one day being an expert at it and becoming famous. In school system they can easily remove those class as for them it may not be a priority in compared to having another history class or English class. Personally I did not know how talented in art I was until I took an art class in drawing and painting, shocked that I had an ability to blend colors and to see things that many do not. I would have not discover that if it was not provided and if I did not take the chance.